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Use Case

"I have used the Hoyst app for over a year working a 56-story condo project in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. I oversaw the hoist and deliveries for the project and can't express enough how much easier the Hoyst app made my job. It eliminated the white board and the confusion that comes with it. Contractors could no longer erase other deliveries and write over them. My gate personnel had the ability to know each delivery and what time it was due to arrive."

"In addition, the Hoyst app gave me the ability to send a "Field Blast" to all users of the app to inform all of job site field conditions, such as hoist or elevators being down for service, cranes blocking deliveries, and any other things that would affect operations. I highly recommend the Hoyst app to all superintendents in charge of deliveries and hoist operations and any company looking to improve their operations and efficiencies."

Joe Richardson, General Superintendent Coastal Construction